Shadows of Lovecraft

Chapter 1: The new kid

April 22nd: Dear journal, today is an exciting day at school. A new kid will be arriving. He and his family just moved in the city. I never saw new comers around, and I think it could do some good to this school. Every clique is complete and closed ever since we left the kinder garden. Since I never could go out much until recently, I never got to enter a group really. At least my brother keeps an eye out for me. There’s also Guillaume who’s nice to me, though we don’t share much except for being both bullied. The new kid is named Bradley. Right off the bath, the big Max got on his back and laughed of him reading books. I tried to stop him, though I’m not exactly fit for the job, and Christian wouldn’t let me cause any further problems to my reputation. Though, something weird happened when Bradley got mad… I don’t think there are any correlation between the two events — or at least there shouldn’t be. The front wheels of the bus exploded at the same time. Anyway, I wouldn’t let this worry me too much. It was probably just… a coincidence. Sadly enough, the other kids aren’t as rational and rumors started to spread, even before Bradley set foot in the school. During the day, me and Guillaume tried to bond with Bradley a bit. We weren’t so successful. but at least we tried. Guillaume was nicer than I thought too. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

April 23rd: Today, me and Guillaume tried to hang out with BRadley some more. He started to be more and more open to us, and it was cool. Brother kept an eye on him as well, almost got into a fight for him. Christian is so badass sometimes. From the little we learned about Bradley, he lost his mother and moved with his dad to get a new life. It must be hard. At the second recreation, I was looking for him after he got teased by some kids again. I can’t exactly explain, but I saw something. A white figure on the school’s rooftop. It pointed somewhere. As soon as I blinked, it had vanished, though it left the lasting impression I should go see what it was pointing. There, me and Guillaume found Bradley, in the playground. We got to make him somewhat smile again so I’ll take it as an accomplishment. I just hope he feels better tomorrow.

P.S.: Christian accepted to go to the ball with Susie. I don’t really know what to think of it. I just hope she and her friends stop laughing of me, Guillaume and Bradley.

April 24th: The day was… really weird, to say the least. There was some weird vibe in the air. Christian felt it too. When the school ended, Max bullied Bradley again, but he went too fat this time. They started hitting him. I tried my best to stop them but I couldn’t really do much… Christian roughed them up pretty bad, so did Guillaume. Susie tried to convince them to stop, but it was already too late. When Max hit Bradley, suddenly, insects of all kind started appearing and biting everyone. Christian got me and Susie out and went for Bradley after. The insects quickly disappeared then… It was strange… though I would rather not think about what caused it, it’s a bit stronger than me. Was it Bradley? I shouldn’t think about that, he’s my friend. That night, Christian got grounded for fighting at school. We tried to explain but there was nothing to do. However, with all that had happened, I thought it would be nice to go and see Bradley.



Boivin ralphot

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